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Telephone Service

Our residential telephone service offers unmatched reliability with unlimited local calls. Plus, if there is ever an emergency, our residential service telephone is always available when you need it. No worries about charging the phone or minutes used…just crystal clear, reliable phone service.


Residential Telephone$28.00
Business Telephone$28.00

Calling Features

Caller ID

Caller ID lets you know who is calling before you answer the phone. Caller ID shows you the number of the caller, while Caller ID with Name lets you see the name and number of the caller.

Call Forwarding

Allows user to forward their incoming calls to another number.

Call Waiting

Allows user to know a second caller is calling when using the phone. Depress the receiver or flash button, which puts the first caller on hold, and then connected to second caller.

Three-Way Calling

Allows user to add third party to a call.

Voice mail

Allows 24-hour from home & remote access to voice messaging service. It will answer telephone calls and allow callers to leave messages.

Connection charges for our 3 services:

  • One service: $20.00
  • Two services: $15.00
  • Three Services: FREE

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